Tips For Dark Axilla

“Axilla” this is part of the body that is often overlooked maintenance, especially for women. Especially for those who are hobby use ‘you can see’, they must be constantly maintained armpit color is not to be black, but for those who experience it must desire it should be buried deeply.

Black underarms can be caused by several factors such as frequency of underarm hair plucked, and it could be due to chemical reactions of mercury substances found in certain species such as deodorant roll-on. Well, if you are already your armpit blackened or discolored, there are several ways you can take to restore the natural color of your armpit. It is very easy and inexpensive course.

The first way, take the water milking whiting and lime juice. Then combine both ingredients, and rub in the armpit that have changed color (black).
The second way, using alum. How, alum soaked with warm water and then rubbed on the armpits of black.
The third way, by washing your underarms with a mixture of grated cucumber with lemon for approximately 15-20 minutes. After it is cleaned with warm water.

These are simple ways you can do to whiten your armpit. The result certainly will not be instant white directly, but requires patience and your continuous. Hopefully Helpful.

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