cope with frequent bowel movements in pregnant women

Indeed, most pregnant mothers who are complaining difficult bowel movements / constipation. Is this normal? or something to do with her pregnancy. Though usually well-smoothly. Want to take drugs to worry about the condition of her fetus. And if this happened to you?

this is not to worry about, because this fair but nothing to worry about is if taking any medications that have the potential to interfere with fetal development during pregnancy, especially between 1-3 months because at this stage of the formation of the organs of the baby’s body. In pregnant women often occur during pregnancy constipation due to an increase in levels of the hormone progesterone and the hormone caused a relaxation of muscles (the muscles relax) so that the intestine so it is not good work. Then at the stage of pregnancy at the age of 6-9 months when the mother’s abdomen is enlarged added this constipation problem became more frequent because the enlarging uterus will be more pressing the abdomen. But of all this is this problem rarely cause major problems for both mother and fetus.

And here are some tips to help alleviate mild this problem: among others, some of them is by drinking enough water between 6-8 glasses a day. Then also to increase the consumption of high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables. For the best fruit is papaya because this fruit has a role as a natural laxative. It should also be a regular mild exercise such as jogging to facilitate digestion. If there were problems should consult with your doctor.

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